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  • Scientific Method and Statistics
  • Chemistry? I thought this was a biology class....
  • Study Guide for Quiz 1 (HTML file)
  • Global Warming PowerPoint
  • Global Warming Files

  • ice calving
  • CNN: Meteorologists vs. Climatologists
  • Hank Green on climate change: how snowmass relates to climate change, worst effects, new research, computer modeling of climate, was hurricane sandy related to climate change to do with
  • Hank's 2010 rant about climategate
  • Kyoto Protocol
  • Silly Stuff: Climate scientists try to sing the blues
  • Silly Stuff: The same scientists did a much better rap named "I'm a Climate Scientist." I'm not linking to it because the lyrics are kind of NSFW/profane. Search youtube for it if you are interested.
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  • Corrolation and Causation
  • Opinion paper on Climate Change and Politics
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