Study Guide For Test 3

1.       How many chromosomes do humans have?

2.       How is human sex determined and how many sex chromosomes do we have

3.       What are autosomes

4.       What do the terms cancer, tumor and metastasis mean

5.       What are lipomas, leukemias, carcinomas and osteosarcomas

6.       Be able to name the phases of mitosis in order

7.       What are genotypes and phenotypes? 

8.       What does it mean if we say someone is heterozygous?  What does it mean if we say someone is homozygous?  Which can carry a trait without expressing it?

9.       Be able to explain dominance and codominance

10.   Be able to solve genetics word problems using the ABO blood typing system

11.   Be able to define the terms trisomy and aneuploidy