Politics, Climate Change and Energy Independence

You've heard quite a bit about this topic in class, and should have a good idea what most climate scientist believe, and what evidence they have for this. Last night, one of the topics that politicians were discussing was climate change and how to deal with it. Listen to (or read) the following links that discuss what politicians were saying about climate change. (reading would be faster, since you can skip the parts that are about other topics.)

  • President Obama's State of the Union transcript
  • Marco Rubio's response transcript
  • Fact Check: NPR discusses the accuracy of statements from President Obama and Marco Rubio
  • Fact Check: Fox News discusses the accuracy of statements from President Obama

  • Write a summary of their positions on climate change. It should be at least three paragraphs. The first paragraph (or more, if you choose) should explain Obama's position on climate change. The second should explain Marco Rubio's position on climate change. For each person, explain what - if any - science they cited to back up their position. What policy changes - if any - did they recommend? Was the basis for this recommendation climate, economics, or both? Did the person offer a detailed plan of any type? The last portion of the paper should explain your position on climate change. Explain what YOU believe the science to show, if anything. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the scientific studies (answer both) that were discussed in class? What assumptions do the studies depend upon? What do YOU think should be done? Use at Does either politician have a plan that is similar to yours? Use at least one peer reviewed article to support your position on climate change. Print it out and attach it to your paper.

    You may not discuss health care, gun control, or any other topic in this paper. Stick to climate change.