Lab Test 1 Study Guide



1.       What are homologies?Be able to list examples of it.

2.       What is convergent evolution. ††Be able to list examples of it.

3.       Explain how protein sequences might be used to indicate relatedness among species.Explain why this process can sometimes give erroneous results.

4.       Be able to list some of the fossils you saw, and whether those species were extant or extinct



Hardy Weinberg.

1.       Be able to solve word problems.

2.       Be able to use phenotype numbers within a population to determine the allele frequencies within a population.

3.       When given variables and expressions from the Hardy Weinberg equation, be able to say what genotypes and phenotypes that these expressions represent.




1.       Be able to list ways that plants repel herbivores

2.       How do plants deal with low nitrogen levels in soil?

3.       How can symbiosis affect the nitrogen levels within soil

4.       How can fungi affect a plantís ability to absorb nutrients

5.       What are c4 and CAM?What are they adaptations to?

6.       What is the purpose of the clear windows that are found on some succulants?

7.       What is the purpose of the clear windows that are found on some pitcher plants?

8.       Be able to explain the feeding methods of bladderworts, flytraps, sundews and pitchers

9.       Explain three strategies that plants can use when competing for light



Lab Safety rules

1.       Be familiar with all of the lab safety rules