BSC 1011 - Principles of Biology

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Test 1 Study Guide

Study Guide Lab Test 1
Chromosomal alteration

Genome changes

Chapter 21


7/1 - Hardy-Weinberg Equasion
Evolution & Darwin Darwin+ overview Chapter 22 Plant Adaptations
Populations and Evolution Evolution & Populations Chapter 23
new species Speciation Chapter 24
macroevolution Chapter 25

Test 2 Study Guide

bacteria and archea bacteria and archea Chapter 27
protists protists Chapter 28
plant diversity I seedless plants Chapter 29
plant diversity II Plants with Seeds Chapter 30
Fungi and Animals

Study Guide for Test 3

Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34

Test 4 Study Guide

Chapter 52 Ecology
Chapter 53
Chapter 54
Chapter 55
Chapter 56




Evolution powerpoint

Related Videos

NPR on personal genome Craig Venter is a jerk Encode Project the ENCODE Project Hank Green: Evolution: it's a thing Hank Green: Evolutionary Development and chicken teeth Hank Green: Population genetics Hank Green: Taxonomy Ecology CrashCourse Ecology

  1. Hank Green explains natural selection, speciation, population genetics, Evolution, and evolutionary development,
  2. Paul Anderson has two videos on the evidence for evolution, and also ones on Natural Selection, microevolution, and solving Hardy Weinberg problems
  3. Mary Poffenroth discusses Charles Darwin and natural selection
  4. Ricochet Science has a Natural Selection video
  5. Russian fox breeding experiment
  6. "vampire" finch (sharp beaked ground finch)
  7. Woodpecker Finch
  8. multiple videos of the great grey shrike feeding
  9. anoles jumping


Ecology powerpoint

Related Videos

  1. x
  2. Mary Poffenroth explains Trophic Levels



Other Topics

  1. Human Population
  2. DNA structure and replication
  3. Transcription and Translation
  4. Nova Science Now's RNAi video (The first part covers transcription and translation)
  5. Human Genome Project: James Kent saves the day!!!(Why Craig Venter is a jerk.)
  6. Epigenetics: Nova special(1 hour long)
  7. Natural Selection
  8. Speciation