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Cell Parts

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Membrane Transport

Diffusion and Osmosis

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 mitosis & meiosis

DNA Puzzle

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Mendel and Genetics


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Human Genetics

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Fun With Genetics

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DNA replication

corn genetics

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Making Proteins

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genetic engineering

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Study Guide for Test 1

Intro to Biology

1-Intro to Biology powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. Why scientific findings are sometimes so hard to believe
  2. ten things most people don't understand about science
  3. Logical Fallacies and the slow pace of science
  4. Physicist Richard Feynman explains the scientific method
  5. Alexis Danis: Scientific Method
  6. Alexis Danis: What is a Scientific Theory
  7. Read the Myths Of Science: hypothesis vs. theory, & why the 1st doesn't become the 2nd
  8. How NOT to do science
  9. Essential Biology disscusses some of theproperties of life
  10. Hank Green explains taxonomy
  11. Want to study marine bio? There's a shortage of marine taxonomists>marine taxonomists
  12. Mary Poffenroth: Taxonomy
  13. , Domains and Scientific names
  14. Taxonomy Fail!!! - Don't be a Hoser!!!
  15. Archea, Bacteria, Protista
  16. bright pink halophilic archea
  17. long, detailed discussion of the history of classifying prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  18. Mary Poffenroth explains heterotrophs and autotrophs
  19. Alexis Danis on the endosymbiont theory
  20. Mary Poffenroth: Trophic Levels, Producers and Consumers
  21. Mary Poffenroth: Cell Theory
  22. Protista: diatoms
  23. 26 different ways to define a species
  24. Extremeophiles (includes chemosynthetic hot vent protists)
  25. a completely different chemosynthetic community at a cold methane seep

Chemistry Stuff

Chemistry powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. textbook animations: Types of Bonds, Salts Dissolving in Water, Acids, Bases and pH, peptide bonds, protein structure
  2. Hank Green talks about prions
  3. Covalent Bonds, Ionic Bonds, Carbon
  4. Properties of Water
  5. Biological molecules - lipids, proteins, carbohydrates
  6. Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA)
  7. HHMI: DNA strands
  8. HHMI: RNA and Ribozymes
  9. This video explains how proteins denature, and shows their primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure
  10. Saturated and unsaturated fats

Study Guide for Test 2


Cells and their parts powerpoint
Related Videos
  1. online guides to show the parts of bacterial, animal and plant cells.
  2. Andy Orffkut's awesome song about chlamydomonas
  3. Animal Cells
  4. plant cells
  5. ABC/Krulwich on Cells
  6. Alexis Danis on mitochondria and their DNA
  7. Paul Anderson gives a tour of the cell
  8. Mary Poffenroth explains cell theory, animal vs. plant cells, mitochondria, ribosomes, cytoskeleton, plasma membrane, , lysosomes, nucleus,
  9. textbook animation: vessicle budding and organelle endosymbiosis
  10. Mary Poffenroth: Cell Theory
  11. this is the actual harvard animation that krulwich was talking about
  12. Krulwich discusses frog legs and dancing squid

Cell Transport

Membrane Transport powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. textbook animations: Active and Passive transport, Exocytosis and Endocytosis, Signaling Molecules
  2. Mary Poffenroth discusses membranes and the difference betweendiffusion and osmosis
  3. HHMI Sodium/Potassium channels (effects of cone shell toxins)
  4. Hank Green discusses membranes, diffusion, and transport
  5. Japanese Subway
  6. less exciting, but more nicely illustrated video on the plasma membrane
  7. another video on active and passive transport
  8. Biology Essentials - membranes an DNA extraction
  9. Osmosis and Diffusion
  10. the Ricochet Science videos on diffusion, Tonicity/Osmosis

Study Guide for Test 3

Photosynthesis and Respiration

Photosynthesis and Respiration powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. textbook animations:
  2. Mary Poffenroth explains heterotrophs and autotrophs
  3. textbook animations: photosynthesis and cellular respiration
  4. photosynthesis animation: light reactions, calvin cycle, electron transport
  5. TED talk explaining the calvin cycle
  6. Hank Green explains ATP and respiration
  7. Photosynthesis: C3, C4, CAM
  8. Mary Poffenroth gives a brief overview of mitochondria
  9. nice Gradients and ATP animation
  10. Hank Green explains photosynthesis
  11. very detailed (like bio majors detailed) photosynthesis song
  12. Paul Anderson explains photosynthesis
  13. paper chromatography and RF values (like we use in the photosynthesis lab)
  14. what causes fluorescence: in dyes and in plants
  15. vsauce explains subtractive colors
  16. red fluorescence in plant pigment extract
  17. why leaves change color in the fall
  18. C4 and CAM photosynthesis


Enzymes powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. Textbook animation: Enzyme catalysis
  2. Mary Poffenroth gives a light overview of enzymes
  3. Biology essentials: Paul Anderson explains Enzymes
  4. learn about enzyme inhibition using Linkin Park and HALO
  5. another Competative and allosteric inhibitor video (without the annoying mallcore music)
  6. How HIV uses enzymes, and how we can inhibit those enzymes
  7. an annoying overly cute enzyme video good info, but she sounds like she thinks her listeners are third graders

Cell Division - Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis and Meiosis powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. textbook animations: Cell Cycle, Mitosis and Cell Division, Meiosis
  2. Hank Green on Mitosis and Meiosis
  3. Paul Andersen explains cell cycle, mitosis and meiosis and illustrates it by using beads
  4. Stages of Mitosis(Lady Gaga Parody)
  5. the Ricochet Science videos on mitosis, meiosis, spermatogenesis, and oogenesis
  6. TEDex talk explaining the many weird ways that animals gender is determined

Study Guide for Test 4

Mendel and Genetics

Mendel and Genetics powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. Mary Poffenroth explains Punnett Squares
  2. Mary Poffenroth on Gregor Mendel
  3. Paul Anderson explains Punnett Squares
  4. color blindness
  5. Brightstorm videos on genotype, phenotype, allele, gene expression, incomplete dominance and Punnett Squares
  6. khanacademy discusses Punnette Squares
  7. Punnette square explanation video, calculator and problem set
  8. Alexis Danis: punnett squares and blue eyes (myth and truth)
  9. Myths of Human Genetics
  10. three links on cat fur genetics
  11. HHMI: Selection and sickle cell
  12. HHMI: Selection and digesting lactose
  13. HHMI: Punnette squares in corn and teosinte

Chromosomes and Human Genetics

Chromosomes and Human Genetics powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. Heredity
  2. How to solve genetics problems
  3. Interactive Genetics Problems
  4. Want to know more about Huntington's Disease? Follow this link to a radio story about a girl who is waiting for the test that will tell her if she will have Huntington's Disease like her mother did.
  5. Interactive DNA puzzles
  6. Epigenetics: Nova special(1 hour long)
  7. more on epigenetics
  8. DNA, mutations and mutagens
  9. Human Mosaics

Study Guide for Test 5

DNA Replication & control

DNA replication powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. a good description of the structure of DNA
  2. HHMI DNA replication: basic, advanced
  3. Hank Green: lagging strands
  4. Okazaki fragments and ligase
  5. NDSU virtual cell: Gene expression
  6. NDSU virtual cell: lac operon
  7. bozeman biology: gene regulation
  8. HHMI video and handout on gene regulation

Making Proteins

Making Proteins

Related Videos
  1. Amoeba Sisters:
  2. making proteins
  3. HHMI finding the triplet code
  4. Hank Green: DNA transcription and translation
  5. HHMI Transcription basic, advanced
  6. HHMI translation (advanced detail)
  7. Frameshift Mutations (insertions and deletions)
  8. more on frameshift mutations
  9. great thread: watch molecular biologists argue about "junk DNA" and the ENCODE Project
  10. variations in the genetic code
  11. a detailed list of the different genetic codes


Biotechnology powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. Artificial Selection: Belgian Blue Cattle
  2. tools: Restriction Enzymes (Part 1 Part 2)
  3. tools: HHMI on PCR
  4. tools: PCR explained, PCR primers, PCR Song
  5. tools: Gel electrophoresis, electrophoresis
  6. tools: Southern Blotting
  7. tools: DNA fingerprinting
  8. tools: Mary Poffenroth on stem cells
  9. tools: Hank Green on stem cells
  10. geneomic editing - zinc finger nucleases and TALENS
  11. Cloning:
  12. DNews on De-extinction
  13. GMOs

Study Guide for Test 6


Evolution powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. legless lizards
  2. The awesomeness of Alfred Russell Wallace explained using puppets
  3. Christie Wilcox's clear, concise explanation of the relationships between mutations, chance, natural selection, genetic drift and evolution
  4. HHMI: How modern evolutionary theory differs from Darwin's day.
  5. HHMI: Artificial Selection - Corn and Teosinte
  6. HHMI: Natural Selection - fish without hemoglobin
  7. artificial selection: Teosinte to corn
  8. artificial selection: wolf to dog
  9. HHMI video: pocket mouse evolution
  10. DNews: computer modeling of evolution without competion
  11. Alexis Danis: genome alignment)
  12. HHMI: genome alignment to build phylogenetic trees
  13. Darwin really liked to talk about pigeons
  14. Vestigial organs: Johnathan Bird with blind cave fish
  15. Vestigial organs: leg claws in snakes
  16. HHMI: Anole speciation
  17. HHMI interactive lab: sorting finch species
  18. Hank Green explains natural selection, speciation, population genetics, Evolution, and evolutionary development,
  19. Paul Anderson has two videos on the evidence for evolution, and also ones on Natural Selection, microevolution, and solving Hardy Weinberg problems
  20. Stop blaming Darwin for social darwinism
  21. Darwin spoke out AGAINST eugenics, but Ben Stein misquoting him to make people believe the opposite
  22. why eugenics is always a bad idea
  23. 26 different ways to define a species
  24. Transitional Fossils in whales
  25. Mary Poffenroth discusses Charles Darwin and natural selection
  26. Ricochet Science has a Natural Selection video
  27. Russian fox breeding experiment
  28. "vampire" finch (sharp beaked ground finch)
  29. Woodpecker Finch
  30. multiple videos of the great grey shrike feeding
  31. anoles jumping
  32. The importance of neutral and near neutral mutations in evolution
  33. Questionable species: Dendrobates auratus, Dendrobates tinctorius, Dendrobates leucomelas
  34. Questionable subspecies of Dwarf Boa in Bahamas: Tropadophis canis androsis, Tropadophis canis curtus
  35. What's REALLY going on when you hear "Scientists found a new species of X"
  36. Nature: Methods for testing Haldane's Rule
  37. five misconceptions about evolution
  38. Ryan Ellingson: five more misconceptions about evolution
  39. What's happening when a species doesn't appear to be evolving?
  40. Evolution: autotuned and remixed
  41. Humor - The Human Race by The Frantics


Ecology powerpoint

Related Videos
  1. HHMI: Carbon Cycle
  2. HHMI: Greenhouse Effect
  3. Mary Poffenroth: Trophic Levels, Producers and Consumers
  4. Johnathan Bird on Symbiosis: Mutualism, parasitism and commensalism
  5. Mary Poffenroth explains Trophic Levels
  6. Ocean Acidification
  7. Lionfish
  8. Other Invasive species
  9. Mary Poffenroth: keystone species
  10. Mary Poffenroth: Biodiversity (...and threats to biodiversity)
  11. Mary Poffenroth: biotic potential
  12. Mary Poffenroth: biotic and abiotic factors
  13. Mary Poffenroth: Biomes and Communities
  14. Mary Poffenroth: Community Ecology and Interspecific interactions
  15. Mary Poffenroth: Trophic Levels, Producers and Consumers
  16. Mary Poffenroth: Charles Darwin and
  17. natural selection
  18. the good and bad sides of biological control

Other Topics

  1. Human Population
  2. DNA structure and replication
  3. Transcription and Translation
  4. Nova Science Now's RNAi video (The first part covers transcription and translation)
  5. Human Genome Project: James Kent saves the day!!!(Why Craig Venter is a jerk.)
  6. Epigenetics: Nova special(1 hour long)
  7. Natural Selection
  8. Speciation
  9. species management: Eels and overfishing
  10. Christie Wilcox on being a marine biologist
  11. Cristie on the scientists using social media